We Believe Artificial Intelligence Should Lead to a Better Quality of Life For Everyone.
We’re Here to Make Sure That Happens.

We Are the Office Of Artificial Intelligence.

AI For The Nation.

Our mission is to apply advances in artificial intelligence to benefit everyone.

We Started in 2019 and Have Not Looked Back.

Since November 2019, our team of AI researchers and engineers have developed 35+ models/algorithms/products. Below are some of the initiatives we can talk about:

Policy/Legal NLP AI (US Patent Pending)

We developed a state of the art model that audits policy documents and algorithms to measure its risks for fairness, explainability, and other biases.

Enabling Tourism During the Pandemic

In partnership with the Philippine Department of Tourism, we developed a suite of technologies that help bring back tourism without increasing the number of COVID-19 cases. We’re currently piloting in Region I.

Deepfake PSA

Deepfakes will be the most dangerous tool for misinformation in years to come. We developed a deepfake public service announcement with a well-known figure (with his consent) to warn the public.

Want to Work With Us?

We don’t publicize our job openings but we’re always looking for talented, resourceful people who are passionate about nation building.
If you know anyone from our team, please reach out to them about job openings.

ps chatbots are lame.

We Are the Office of Artificial Intelligence.

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